Circles and Lines live @ Vaudeville Park!

Here we invaded Brooklyn venue and art-space Vaudeville Park.  Here’s the program order:

Vaudeville Park
7:00, Friday April 8th, 2011
26 Bushwick Avenue, NY

Broken Ships on Empty Seas by Dylan Glatthorn

  • Joshua Henderson, Violin
  • Matthew Rosenthal, Double Bass

Little Respite by  Eric Lemmon

  • Maria Johnson, Flute
  • Ruka Shironishi, Piano

Etiquette by Noam Faingold

  • Michael Midlarsky, Cello


How the Dodo Became Extinct

  • Film by: Shelley Dodson
  • Music by: Angélica Negrón
  • All instruments performed and recorded by Angélica Negrón

Closer for Viola by Eric Lemmon

  • Eric Lemmon, Viola

All Rise by Conrad Winslow

  • Jing Yang, Piano

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